Friday 2 December 2011

#FlashbackFriday: growing up

I found it quite interesting to look back at old photographs of me that emerged on my mum's computer from their 40th wedding anniversary celebrations. One thing I can't believe is how skinny I was and the second is how much my daughter really does look like me:

Me at 20 days old
1977 - I still have Sebastian!

1978 all set for the local carnival in homemade costume 
1979 The only English girl on the Scottish country dancing team at school!

1981 I think on my way to Remembrance Sunday

1993 - getting my BA at Swansea

1995 enjoying fun with friends

About 2000 when I had one of those glam makeovers!
Christmas 2009 after new hair cut!

As you can seen quite a lot of changes but still the same person underneath! 

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