Sunday 6 September 2020

Grizedale Forest Ridding Wood Trail

On Friday I managed to get a loan car so after a month of being carless we are finally mobile again! I need to be able to drive places to work and my daughter relies on me to get her around. Today she wanted to get out into some of the beautiful forests we have so I took her to Grizedale Forest. We had a bit of a fraught drive over as poor Sherlock was sick and then just as we were about to board the Windermere car ferry it broke down! So we only made it to the forest about 2:15 and then had a long wait to buy lunch.

All the delays meant that we only had time to follow the shorter Ridding Wood Trail and not the Grizedale Tarn Trail I had done in July. Luckily for us the weather stayed dry and at times it was pretty warm in the sun:

The route included plenty of Grizedale's famous art works. With it being all terrain route it also included a family orienteering route for younger children:

Despite the busy cafe the trail itself was so quiet and peaceful and we hardly met a soul:

We all, including Sherlock, found interesting things along the walk. It is a real photographer's paradise:

The trail had a really obvious U turn which allowed to us see the beautiful valley before heading back into the forest. We would pass some of the same places but not all on our return:

Some of the installations look like the forest is taking them over as they are covered in moss. The clockwork trees no longer make music:

You feel really close to nature and it would be an excellent location for forest bathing:

I am sure it won't be too long until we go back and do some more walking in this beautiful part of Cumbria:

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