Friday 28 December 2018

My top nine photos for 2018

It's that time of the year when we all get reflective. To help this all the social media channels show us our highlights. So I will start with my Top Nine photographs from Instagram:

So what is the story behind each of them? I will go in order from top to bottom...

1) Be More WitWoo

I joined hundreds of other women posting pictures in our swimsuits to remember the wonderful blogger Kate Sutton. She had shown us all not be afraid of being ourselves on social media. 

2) Super Vet

My daughter and I headed to the National Pet Show in Birmingham thanks to me winning tickets! She was so excited to meet one of her heroes Noel Fitzpatrick.

3) Cute Dog

I met this cute pup whilst out playing Pokemon Go. Just one of those lucky snaps that people loved!


I was so proud of my daughter when she agreed to appear on the regional news talking about how rubbish mental health services are for young people. Here she is with the TV crew.

5) Christmas Eve

Reading books all night on Christmas Eve seemed to hit a chord with lots of people!

6) Jewels

Another one of those lucky shots that people just loved.

7) Robin

I captured this handsome chap at the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub in the summer. Loved being that close to him.

8) Kendal Parish Church

Such a wonderful edifice that's great to see and share.

9) Transformation

I posted regular updates of how my body was changing through parkrun. These will be resurfacing over 2019 as I have another go at getting in shape!

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