Sunday 19 August 2018

A day at the British Museum

Last Saturday my son and I had time to kill in London before going to a friend's house. I dragged him into the British Museum as it was one of my favourite museums at his age! He had been there as a toddler and was OK but as a tween he was not at all impressed...

The lady on the family desk did her best to persuade him by talking about Night at the Museum and Indiana Jones but he was not convinced! She gave us one of the children's trails but he was not at all interested... He did want to see the Crystal Skull from Indiana 4 but that was it..

However I wanted to see more so insisted that we looked at the other must see items: 

As you can see it was pretty crowded especially in the famous parts. We did manage to find a few more of the must see items, which includes the Crystal Skull:

Then I attempted to take him on the Anglo Saxon trail. He was really not interested and I barely had time to snatch a few photos as he whizzed through the exhibits:

One place I made him hold on for a bit longer for was the Sutton Hoo helmet. This is just such an iconic piece of British history and seeing the original alongside a replica is amazing:

He did willingly pause, albeit briefly, for the Lewis chessmen. This is partly due to him wanting to play chess and partly as they were used as the basis for Wizards' chess in Harry Potter.

I think I will have to go back again but without the reluctant tween and definitely not on a Saturday in the summer holidays!

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