Thursday 4 May 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful in the Merry Month of May #R2BC

In case you haven't noticed I have handed the reins back to Michelle for the month! Hopefully there will be lots of back sharing the happiness now Easter is over... Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1) Holiday Homework

My son had one of those homeworks over Easter that requires adult assistance! Turned out it was not only myself but another teacher buddy who got his football stadium going. I then had to turn it into the Ghanian National Football stadium complete with shades for the stands:

2) Seven blipping years

My Blipfoto journal hit the 7 year mark this week which I am extremely proud of! Just a shame I didn't have a chance to celebrate with anything more exciting than our pebble collection:

3) Car Booting

I did back to back car boots this weekend which netted a decent amount of takings and reduced our surplus. These Barbie beauties were left over so I will donate them to my class doll's box as there are never enough to go round!

4) Family Fun

We taught my daughter how to play Cheat at the weekend. I had forgotten how much fun it is and how tricky it is to get rid of all your cards. Much hilarity ensued as we bluffed and double bluffed - the fact I won made it even better:

5) May the Fourth be with you:

Big Star Wars fans here and we celebrated by doing a 2k virtual fun run for a BB-8 medal, we have 2 more medals to earn this weekend too:

I look forward to finding out what is making everyone else smile this week too...

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