Saturday 20 August 2016

#CountryKids at the Lakeland Maize Maze

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Monkey and Mouse

For the last few years my mum has taken my children to the Lakeland Maize Maze on a day that I have had to work in the school holidays. I haven't been since 5 years ago when we had to give up! It was a lovely day and the car park was already very busy when we arrived but most people where visiting the animals and not in the maze:

After the safety spiel we set off into the Mini Maze which would lead us to the Main Maze, The theme this year was The BFG and we had to find ink stamps and count magic beans in the mini maze which had massive maize:

At a few spots the maize wasn't as high at the edge and you could see the farm animals:

The main maze has 3 bridges which you pass under in different directions and not separate paths whilst hunting the 10 clues. In our case we did go on the same path a few too many times!

Families with small children can bail out after the mini maze and head back to the main farm. However we were all set for the big one (we had packed drinks and snacks!):

You only really appreciate the scale of the maze when you are on the bridges:

We had to find 10 different giant related boards and a) collect a stamp b) answer a question:

If for any reason you need to get out quick there were a couple of Emergency Exits on the edge of the maze:

We had got off to a good start but then we kept finding the same board:

After a group discussion we opted to open the sealed map which shows you where all the boards are. Even with this it was a long walk round to find the last 5 boards:

It was a relief to complete the clues and find our way back out! We had a well earned lunch before my son had a quick whizz on the go karts:

I had recorded part of the route on my Garmin (the battery went after a while) and I think you can just about see that the main maze was the BFG although the mini maze in the bottom left doesn't look too much like Sophie on the tracking:

We will be going back in September for one of the 4 nights you can do the maze in the dark! Good job we already have a map...

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