Friday 20 May 2011

Fitness Friday - Weeks 21 and 22

I was gutted that last Friday blogger was out of action and I couldn't let you all know that I lost 3 lbs! To say I was delighted was an understatement as it undid all the gains from April. This week was a more modest 1 lb but it's all going in the right direction. So how have I done it:

I vaguely followed the Slim Down plan from a previous Rosemary Conley magazine. This is a 7 day kick start of 1200 calories a day but I didn't fully stick to it. The normal plan for someone my weight allows me to have just over 1400 calories a day so there was enough flexibility to allow for some extras.

As people that follow me on Twitter know I'm doing lots of Wii Zumba! In the first week I did 5 sessions and this week I did 3. After moving up from the 20 minute beginner to 45 minute session there was a noticeable difference to my abs. Its great that the exercise tones as well as gets the heart rate going and burning fat. I have also had some Wii Just Dance sessions, done flexibility on the Wii Personal Trainer and had one session of a Rosemary Conley DVD. It's feeling great to mix the different kinds of exercise up to stop boredom setting in.

Next week's plan:

I am going to try and carry on sticking to the calorie and fat limits on the Rosemary Conley plan. Its a simple system but you need to keep track of how much you've had. I find that the healthy power snacks make a huge difference to preventing over eating when I remember to eat them!

As its working I'm going to carry on with my mix of exercising. I even get my kids to join in and choose the Dance tracks etc. My daughter thinks my "Zumba bum" move is amazing so they don't mind me exercising when they are around which makes it easier.

So its onwards and downwards and watch this space!

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