Monday 12 January 2009

What a day!

Well it started well (despite the horrible weather!) with E to school on time and not much hassle getting everyone up & out.

I made more progress on the attic and had some lovely time with O (including cooking) and then....

He got overconfident on the attic stairs just as I turned away for a 2nd and crash, scream. Luckily he recovered after a cuddle & cold compress but he had hit a sander at the bottom of the stairs... He insisted on swimming etc and we carried on as normal.

E was v good at swimming but I then noticed the mark on O's head - perfectly matching the edge of the sander! So quick dash home to try and feed everyone before off to A&E. Luckily 1) Conquest wasn't busy 2) O was given clean bill of health plus a free teddy & lolly [big sis got one too!]

So scary but in the end OK. Thing is having stairgates wouldn't help as I would have had to open them to get down myself. Guess I will need to put one up at the bottom of the stairs from now on though to stop him going up there without supervision...

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