Monday, 19 January 2009

Blue Monday?

This was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year and I have to say it wasn't the best day of the year so far...

Started off fairly promisingly as DH took my daughter to school leaving me to lazily get my little boy sorted as my car was off the road. He and I managed to sort out 2 big containers of toys that were strays from over the house and still manage to play with his wooden train set. Lunch time he was a pretty good boy and eventually ate his cheese on toast. He then needed a snuggle to get to sleep. Missed his swim as it was too wet to walk.

The Unison rep came round for a meeting and seemed sure she can sort out my work issues. Either by laying on with a trowel that I can have unpaid leave or forcing his hand, I need to ask my other dissatisfied colleagues to get in touch with the Union. She has asked him to re-arrange our meeting so that she can be there too. So that bit went well.

Then the car picking me up to collect my car from the garage failed to turn up in time for me to get E from school. Panic calls to another mum to bring her home for me. Bill for car over £500 as they had to virtually rebuild it to replace the clutch. We then missed her swimming lesson too (she has done 1 out of 3 so far!)

Home and both kids grumpy and fighting over mummy. O's eye was swollen and he was definitely out of sorts. Manage to cook tea and brought into front room with O very distressed. Picked up for a cuddle and he threw up all over me. Took him to pharmacist who said take him to a doctor. So phone call to out of hours and trip to SEADOC at Conquest. Turns out he has a virus so let's hope he gets over it quickly.

Home again and all in the tub, story, bed and peace reigns again...

Just need to sell lots of books to pay for my car...

Speaking of which I had a potential 1st recruit on the phone on Saturday. Sent her some details and I hope she signs up...

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