Monday 17 April 2017

#CountryKids at Allan Bank National Trust in Grasmere

Country Kids
Having renewed our National Trust membership yesterday (and getting a voucher for free Easter hunts!) we picked up the grandparents and headed for Grasmere and Allan Bank. You have to  find somewhere to park in the village (get there early) and then walk up the drive to reach the house:

We found the first clue for the Easter hunt before we had even reached the house:

Once we had collected our back we headed straight out to find the next one:

We also found our first distraction with the swing that was in the same tree. A lovely simple thing to play on:

Then we had to follow the fox and rabbit signs across the lawn...

and off towards the end of the formal gardens:

There was another distraction here with a rope swing on the tree:

The badgers were hiding nearby:

Our second biggest distraction was the badminton/tennis set which kept us all amused for ages:

I did wander off into the new kitchen garden to explore the shed and verandah which on a sunny day would be nice to sit in:

Back on the grass my son was still having fun:

He was persuaded to carry on the hunt though and we found clue 4:

Clue 5 was well camouflaged in the leaves:

Clue no 6 was hard to find and we ended up heading up to the tunnel at the top of the garden without finding it:

The ground staff have done an amazing job at putting paths through the gardens so that you can explore it:

Even the steps are beautifully created and a lot more stable than they look:

A surprise was found around the corner with a play area made from chopped down trees:

Then one of the mysterious money trees:

My son was determined to add our own coin to it (its hard work!):

There was a little view point at the top with views of both The Helm:

and the play area:

It is a pretty magical little route with moss growing everywhere and we almost had it to ourselves:

At this point I spotted one of the resident red squirrels but was too slow to capture more than a brief flash of its tail as it vanished behind the roots at the middle top of the picture:

We kept on going back down to the main garden:

We then found a stump that had got seats put onto it for a rest from our walking:

My son and I then walked up to a hide in the woods. We were lucky and saw a deer running through the woods:

When we came back down we noticed that the stump had actually been shaped like a horse:

Back through the kitchen garden and a peek into the potting shed which had books and colouring for children in it:

With help from another family we finally found clue 6 really close to clue 5:

I also found another fabulous door knocker on the fake chapel door:

Back into the house where Gramps had been enjoying one of the comfy sofas to read his paper and we headed to the tea room. The tea & coffee are available for voluntary contributions but you can also purchase yummy cakes:

Then we explored the house and all it has to offer from art:


board games and jigsaws:

and chess:

It is also well kitted out for facilities:

There were so many comfortable seating areas with views to choose from:

There are also fun things to spot:

An art gallery of tourist created items:

and a grand piano you can tinkle the ivories on:

Back down the drive and a chance to get up close to a herd of Herdwicks:

run up a boulder:

and then a play in the park at the end of the village.

All in all a great day out and we will be back!

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