Monday 15 November 2010

The Gallery: Then and now

A good challenge from Tara for Week 35 of the Gallery we have to recreate a favourite photograph from the past and post both together! Luckily for me I had a chance to do this today...

Eight years ago today we began a major weekend of celebrations to combine my grandmother's 90th birthday and my wedding. My favourite photograph from that weekend is one that has appeared on here a few times but I love it so much:

Three generations of happy ladies - Granny, me and my mother.

Today my granny was celebrating her 98th birthday (and tomorrow I should have been celebrating my 8th anniversary!). This gave me a chance to have a similar photograph taken by my dad but this time with 4 generations:

In descending order Granny, mum, me and my daughter!

Thanks Tara for giving me this chance to re-visit an old favourite and re-do it. Wonder if we'll be recreating it in 8 years time...


  1. That is gorgeous, and Happy Birthday to your Gran :D Really lovely photographs to have:) Jen

  2. How lovely :)
    I have seen the other picture too - treasured memories.


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