Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Feeling good!

My Usborne adventure is slightly less nerve wracking after speaking to my new team leader Hilary. She seems very friendly and helpful (not surprising if she needs me to do well for her to do well!). This will require quite a bit of upfront investment as I realise I needed a decent colour laser printer to get all the bumpf printed off... My first event is set for 22nd November so let's hope it goes well and that I can do some more quickly. Need to do sales of at least £100 in 3 months to not get the boot. I will have to summon up the nerve to ask schools if I can do events for them. There seems to be a lot of help to do this....

It was great not having to do a school run this afternoon. Jackie picked up my daughter for me. Makes for a longer afternoon to get things done. Still think I need to get my shopping delivered as that is taking a valuable chunk out of my day!

I have stuck to the LL RTM plan almost to the letter today so feel good on that score too. I am determined to get as many aspects of my life back on track as possible.....

Better not stay up so late on the PC though as I got woken up at 3, 5 and 5:30 by my family in rotation...

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