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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Save the Children: Fuel Poverty Campaign

An e-mail popped up in my inbox today that I have to share with you:

Dear Becky,

Children shouldn’t need to wear hats, scarves and gloves in their homes just to keep warm. But this winter, hundreds of thousands of children could be left in the cold if we don't act now.

Here in the UK 1.6 million children are living in severe poverty. They’re going without basics like heating because their parents simply can’t pay the bills to keep their homes warm.

We’re asking all the big energy providers to give the poorest families with children under five a Warm Home Discount (a £120-a-year payment).

Add your voice to our fuel poverty campaign now and tell energy companies they must put money aside so children in the UK aren’t left in the cold.

Thank you,

Sacha Anthony,
Campaign Manager, Save the Children

This is a cause that is close to my heart. Last year in the bitterly cold winter I was very lucky as:

  • I qualified for winter fuel payments
  • the house I rent is modern with good insulation (improved by a council scheme)
  • Being able to pay by direct debit and use an online discount means I'm not forced on to the most expensive tariffs or a pre-payment meter
This meant that unlike many families I didn't have to choose between feeding my family or putting on the heating.

I was concerned at the start of this winter that as I no longer qualified for winter fuel payments that I would struggle more as my income has not increased. It has been a relief that so far its been mostly mild.

Just before I switched suppliers I was informed about the Warm Home Discount Scheme. It turns out that I qualified for this as the birthdate cut off for the youngest child is slightly older. Luckily as well my new supplier also subscribes to the Scheme - not all of them do! It may only be a £120 payment but it does mean that I don't have to worry about heating bills going up if the temperature drops over the next few months.

For other families who are being denied access to this scheme as their suppliers have not signed up to it they are still having to worry. So please sign the petition to end fuel poverty and change this for good: Add your voice to the fuel poverty campaign now

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

#TheGallery: "I'm Grateful For"

Tara explains the reasons for this week's theme so well I'm going to use her own words:

Today my lovely friend Chris is on the verge of a huge adventure.

In her own words in an email to be this week, she is "trying to pack, blog and be a mum and wife" in the midst of tearing her hair out. Because on Monday Chris is going on an amazing journey to Mozambique with Save the Children.

She has been invited along as part of their campaign to make a lot of noise ahead of the Global Vaccination Summit on June 13. The aim is to encourage the world's leaders plug the vaccination funding gap.

They want a fair deal for children the world over.

All YOU have to do is sign their petition.

At the moment 1 in 5 children don't receive any vaccinations whatsoever and millions are dying of preventable diseases as a result. 

Chris's journey is about trying to raise awareness of that.

On her travels, she will also be meeting mothers whose children have died of pneumonia, and as she has an asthmatic child who has had the pneumonia vaccine herself, this will be a very personal journey for her.

So, this week's theme is: I'm Grateful For . . .

I am grateful for being blessed with two happy and healthy children and not have the worries of parents in the Third World who don't have the protection of vaccines for their children against common childhood diseases that can maim or kill. So here are my children and I will be signing the petition to help parents in less well off countries have less fears about their children's health:

A few years ago on the Isle of Wight

Pedalling away
So please 1) sign the petition 2) go and see the other entries this week