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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Boys in shorts

My son has been getting some strange looks the last few days as he has chosen to wear shorts even though the temperature has been close to zero. I did persuade him to wear knee high socks to keep most of his skin covered but all the other children were well wrapped up:

He looked very old fashioned from the days when boys wore shorts all year round whatever the weather. My dad grew up in the 50s and remembers not having long trousers until he was older. Putting boys in shorts was probably practical as it reduced the number of knees that needed patching! Boys had a right of passage at 13 - 14 when they were finally allowed to wear long trousers.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Getting Boys Reading - Competition!

I don't know about anyone else but I have found Gareth Malone's Extraordinary School for Boys for fascinating and scary. Why are boys on the whole so far behind girls at reading? Is it society as a whole that is letting them down or is it down to individual families to get their sons reading?

As a mother of a boy and an Usborne children's book seller I really feel I need to do my bit to encourage boys to read. My daughter is a real bookworm having followed my example of curling up in bed with a book at bedtime. I read bedtime stories to both my children at night and love to read with them at any time. My son is slightly less happy to sit with a book than his sister but loves going to the library. 

The programme showed that dads reading themselves or reading to their sons gives boys a boost and encourages them to do it themselves. I am going to have to rely on my dad to provide this example. Luckily he is also a book lover and hopefully this will rub off on my son.

So to do my little bit for boys literacy I am going to give away a boy friendly book to one lucky commenter on this post! Simply post your idea for getting boys reading and state what age boy you would like a book for... At the end of the next episode of Extraordinary School for Boys I will choose a winner at random.

The winner will get a book up to a maximum value of £5.99 from the stunning range of Usborne books. To check these out go to my Usborne website. Good luck and let's get our boys reading!


And the winner is comment number 17

the lovely Kailnexness who wins an Usborne book for her toddler!