Monday, 24 November 2008

The story continues

My launch party was a bit mixed. If my mum hadn't placed a huge order via e-mail it would have been a bit of a disaster. As it is I hit Flying Start 1 as took £100 and got some bookings. I also got £20 free books for my kids for Christmas :-) My web site is up & running Becky's Usborne Books and I've had my first order through on it already (less than 24 hours after I set it up!!). I gave out leaflets at swimming today and hope I get more orders through that way. Potential recruit from swimming too fingers crossed.

Ian has been stuck in the USA now since last Monday and is hopefully coming home by Thursday. Being held to ransom by the client until the software is stable... This is exhausting for both of us as he is up all night and I am not getting a break from my kids.

O has taken to appearing in the early hours with half of his wardrobe saying "get dressed now". E has had a tummy bug and had lots of accidents at school. Hoping she is learning to go before she leaves it too late....

Seeking union advice on my work issues as it is causing me stress. Hope they can point out to my management that I am entitled to emergency leave as a child carer...

That's it for now as O is trying to climb over the sofa....

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